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Here at Lead, we have one simple aim and that is to guide, coach and mentor the next generation of educational leaders. We work with passionate individuals and teams to motivate and inspire them to be the best educational leaders they can be. With a wealth of educational leadership, recruitment and mentoring experience we are here to help people forge career paths that will make a difference in the lives of school children across the world.

“People buy into the leadership before they buy into the vision.”

– John Maxwell

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In our age, expectations for education, the knowledge base of education and conceptions of how individual learning occurs are changing. At Lead, we believe that teaching is not effective without the appropriate use of information and communication technologies. Twenty-first century global learning environments requires a balance in new school leader thinking and behaviour in preparation.

Our wide range of services are designed for school leaders, new graduates, young professionals and management teams. From application writing to onsite coaching, we aim to create leaders with skills for life.

Have a look at our services and let us know how we can help you achieve your dreams.

Our wide range of services are designed for school leaders, new graduates and management teams

Application Writing Coaching

Interview Coaching

leadership coaching

onsite coaching

“Management is about arranging and telling. Leadership is about nurturing and enhancing.”

- Tom Peters


I learnt a lot about job applications and how to smash interviews. After working with Lead, I found the job of my dreams.

– Valeria N., Manager

Derek thought me a lot! He is an aspirational coach, a true leader and he is very experienced in different and innovative learning methods. I would strongly recommend Lead to those who want to climb up the career ladder.

– Tim V., Senior Manager

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