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coaching & leadership services for school leaders and management teams

leadership coaching for educational leaders

Leadership Coaching is offered for both those with leadership aspirations and for those trying to develop their leadership style while in their early years of educational leadership. 

For those working towards leadership roles the focus is on ways to develop and increase your profile while laying a foundation for a career in educational leadership. 

If you have already started your career in educational leadership, we will focus on real life issues and everyday challenges through to more complex strategic issues around growth, development and success.

For our leadership coaching you can choose to do one on one or group sessions.  

This coaching package is usually run in conjunction with the school year. It includes an introductory session and then monthly sessions for the academic year (11 sessions in total)

Individual sessions


Group sessions – up to 3 people per group but each group is only focused on one area. You can choose either leadership aspirations or leadership development



Even though management teams might have great knowledge and business skills, they can surely benefit from good coaching with innovative methods and feedback.

Lead’s onsite coaching offers focused retreats for management teams and leadership. 

We have experts in the areas of community building, international mindedness, change management, school restructuring, growth and development.

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